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I cannot see the larger version of images because my browser doesn't support Java. How can I enable for now?

Visit to download Java Runtime for your browser.


Do I need to register for searching images at your online database?

No, you don't need to register or give your e-mail address to search our online database. You can search our database as many times as you wish.


I found my desired image at your online database. Now how can I license the image?

When you are viewing the image click on the Image ID at the bottom of the image which will lead you to the Order Form. After placing the order you will get a notification within a hour with a quotation of the image and other information.


Can I get the Digital Files on a CD Rom?

Yes, you can. If you provide us your FedEx or UPS account number we will post it as soon as the CD is burnt Free for you. If you want to get it by any other means please let us know that, we would be happy to send it as per your instruction.


Do you charge for scanning, cleaning and retouching the images?

No, we don't charge any scanning, cleaning or retouching fee for the images. That is absolutely Free for you even if you need 100 MB files!


What are the cost of licensing the photographs at your agency?

Licensing fee for the images would be automatically quoted while you filling-up our Order Form. If your requirment is not mentioned at the Order Form you can write us at You can also view our Pricing Guide to get the idea of the fees for licensing our images.


I found some photos at your database which match nearly one that I was looking for. Can you show me other images similar to those photos?

Yes, we can help you to find your desired image even if you don't find any similar at our online database. You can ask for the image to search at our orizinal image files. Just send your Query with a short description of the image to . We don't charge any Research Fee.


Do you provide Royalty Free images?

No, we don't provide any Royalty Free images. We provide images for licensing only.


Do you give discount on the prices of licensing photographs?

Yes, we give discount on volume licensing. If you license ten or more images at a time we would give you 10% discount on total cost of licensing.


Our company resides in a third-world country. Can you give us any special discount?

Please contact us with the address of your company.


What will be my payment method?

You have to pay us by wire transfer to our account. If you want to pay by check, please e-mail us. Account information will be provided while licensing any image.


While browsing your web site I can't see any larger view of your images. What's the problem?

Larger views of our images are displayed at our web site through Java Applet. You may be browsing with older version of browser and Operating System which doesn't support Java well. Upgrade your browser and Operating System which supports Java enabled web sites.


I was trying to search images but I got an error message, "Query Failed". What should I do now?

You may have tried to access the system at a time when we were updating the database. It takes approximately 5 seconds to update our online database, so if you get the message once please try again. If you still get the error message or any other problem using our web site please e-mail to


Do you provide Original Slides of your images?

No, Original Slides or Art Works remain in our Agency Office. We provide Digital Files, High Quality Dupes and Custom Prints of our images.

If you don't find your answer here please e-mail us your question or query to You will get the reply within eight office hours.



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