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"Cotheeka" is a Bangla word which means "Short Story". Like
stories, photographs are also small in dimension but speak 
thousands words. The name of the agency is Cotheeka and we
have been operational since 1999.

Cotheeka is the brainchild of legendary photographer Mushfiqul 
Alam who is recognized as one of the best photographers in the
world. His passion for fine art and excellence in the arena of
photography shine all over Cotheeka.

The Digital revolution changed the world of photography and
over saturated the global market with second rate images thus
reduced the chance of finding high quality photos that are
required for serious editorial and high-end commercial
publications. At that time Cotheeka Stock Photo Agency
introduced it's web site with the motto "Quality Over Quantity"
to serve the professional photo buyers who don't
want to waste their time searching the RIGHT PROFESSIONAL
photograph among millions of ordinary clip-art images.

Cotheeka Photo Agency represents photographers around
the world for custom assignments for On Location Photography,
Wedding Photography, Occasions Coverage, Underwater
Assignments and Aviation Photography.

Cotheeka Photo Agency extended its services to the DTP industry,
Digital Photo Editing and Restoration for volume requirements,
Passport & Stamp size photo packs with CD for local market and
more. Companies around the world have long trusted their outsourced
Digital Photo Editing services from Cotheeka Photo Agency as our
quality and turnaround times speaks for itself.

Cotheeka Photo Agency developed Cotheeka Java Applet with different
versions to protect images on the web which has become a popular
method of protecting copyrighted images all over the Internet. Cotheeka
Photo Agency gives away the Java Applets at FREE of cost to the
professionals as well as amateurs who want to protect their copyrighted
images on their websites.

Cotheeka has been established as The Sign of Quality all over the

Cotheeka Trading Agency, Cotheeka Computer Network, Cotheeka
Jute Industry  and Cotheeka Music are four other wings of
Cotheeka Group.


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