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Mushfiqul Alam is one of the most creative and talented Asian
photographers based in Bangladesh. He started photography
as a Fine Art photographer and became a member of BPS
(Bangladesh Photographic Society). He has got many awards
for his creative and artistic photographs. His photographs are 
exhibited at many national & international exhibitions since
He has accomplished many photographic assignments very
successfully. His photographs have been published in the
calendar of Biman Bangladesh Airlines in 1998 and there are
many companies in the country & abroad which published his
photographs at  their Calendars, Annual Reports, Brochures etc.
Mushfiqul Alam was declared by the SAARC (South Asian
Association For Regional Cooperation) as the winner of SAARC
Youth Award 1999. This was the single award of the contest which
had been issued for the photographers among the seven SAARC
countries where one fifth population of the whole world resides.
He was assigned by Bangladesh Air Force for taking photographs
for their special calendar of year 2000. Twelve of his photographs
were published at the calendar. Thus he is the only Aviation
Photographer in the country. His stock of aerial photographs over
Bangladesh is also incomparable in contents & number. He used to
take risk of his life while doing aviation photography!


Mushfiqul Alam has got a lot of awards from National to International
competitions. Major awards among those are as follows:
  • 'Certificate of Merit' award from the photography contest
     organized by the Information Ministry of Bangladesh
     Government, 1996.
  • 'Honorable Mention 1' (Color Section) award from the BPS
    Annual Photography Contest, 1997.
  • 'Gold Award' (Color Section) from the BPS Annual Photography
    Contest, 1998. 
  • 'Honorable Mention 4' (Color Section) from the BPS Annual
    Photography Contest, 1998. 
  • 'Medallion'  award from the 59th International
    Photographic Salon of Japan, 1999. 
  • 'SAARC Youth Award 1999' (Gold Medal) from the photography
    contest organized by the South Asian Association For Regional
  • 'Honorable Mention 3' award from the National Photo 
    Competition On Tourism 2001 organized by BTEF. 
  • 'Judge's Medal' (Gold) from the First International PhotoArt
    Exhibition, 2001, UK. 
  • 1st Prize at Agfa's Surfer's Gallery.

Click here to view some of his excellent stock photographs at the
web site.

He is also an excellent Graphic Designer, Web Developer and 
Programmer. He is also known as the most popular Electronic
Scientist in his country. Two books written by him on practical
electronics are the best sellers in it's category in the country for
many years. He is also an award winning tournament chess player
with International FIDE Rating. He is a member of ACPB (Association
of Chess Players in Bangladesh).

He used to play guitar and keyboard like professional musicians from
1991. He is an excellent  Synthesizer Programmer and composer
of great melodious music, that is why he is known as Maestro of Melody
among the musicians. His debut album Tunes Of Heaven is published
in 2009.



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