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About Cotheeka Photo Agency
We planned to distribute our Cotheeka1 and Cotheeka2 Java
Applets for free to help the photographers and other photo
agencies worldwide to protect their copyrighted images on
the web. After successfully make our distribution through our
web site we got some requests from individuals who like to get
custom copies of our applets especially Cotheeka2 Applet. So
we started our new service of customizing applets for individuals.
We charge 25 Euro for customization of any of our applets.

You can now add your name like "© Your Name" or any other text
instead of copyright symbol © at Cotheeka2 applet with the color
of your choice. You would have to provide us Hexadecimal Value
or RGB Value of the color you want to make the texts float on
applets. Texts appear at the Browser's Status while keeping the
pointer of your mouse on the applets can also be customized.
Following is an example of such customization.


Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.

Please write us at to order your custom
copy of any of our applets.




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