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What is Cotheeka Affiliate Program?

Cotheeka Affiliate Program is becoming an associate of the agency. You can earn with your web site by joining the Affiliate Program.


What is the fee to join the Affiliate Program?

It's FREE. There is no charge to join the program.


How much I can earn by becoming an Affiliate?

Actually the limit is endless! More the buyers visit from your web site to our web site ( and make an order and pays, you will get $5 US commission for each sale. So more the buyers you send to us more you will earn.


How frequent can I get the payment?

We pay Monthly and minimum payout is 50 Euro, if you earn less than the amount your check carries over until it's 50 Euro..


What are the Term & Conditions to join the Cotheeka Affiliate Program?

Click here to read the Affiliates Agreement.


How can I join the Cotheeka Affiliate Program?

You can join the Cotheeka Affiliate Program by clicking here.


What I would have to do after becoming an Affiliate?

We will provide you all the Tools and Instructions to carry on earning from your web site.


I have only my Home Page at a 'free web host', can I join the program?

Yes, you can.

If you don't find your answer here please e-mail us your question or query to You will get the reply within eight office hours.



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