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Affiliate Agreement


1. This agreement is between Cotheeka Photo Agency ( and you as an Affiliate.

2. An Affiliate will get 5 Euro for every sale to the visitors comes from the Affiliate's web site with 30 return days. Payments will be made Monthly. Minimum payout is 50 Euro. If you earn less than the amount in a month, your check carries over until it's 50 Euro.

3. After Signing-up you will be assigned a unique URL with a unique ID which will be tracked by our Advanced Tracking System. Cotheeka Photo Agency is not liable for any Server Down Time or any other technical difficulties may occer accidently.

4. Spamming of any sort is not tolerated and results immediate termination of the account. Any kind of fraudulant or illegal activities also cause termination of the Affiliate's account.

5. Banners, Buttons, Texts or Tools only provided by Cotheeka Photo Agency should be used. No other Banner, Button or Text Link is accepted.

6. Cotheeka Photo Agency reserve the right to change this agreement, in that case a written notice will be send to every Affiliate.







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